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Study at: AIT HCM Office, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

Timeline: 13, 14 April 2024

Tuition Fee: 400$/person

Who we are

School of Management of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is the premier international institution of higher education and research in Asia. AIT’s rigorous academic, research, and experiential outreach programs prepare graduates for professional success and leadership roles in Asia and beyond..

Our management programs help prepare students to become executives who have the intellectual curiosity and associated skills necessary to meet the complexities of our changing world. This fits with AIT’s mission to develop highly qualified and committed business professionals who play leading roles in the region’s sustainable development and its integration into the global economy.

Khóa đào tại ngàn hạn về ESG - Short course ESG

What Will You Learn In This Course

The course is designed to provide an Overview of ESG in corporate which will give managers and professionals skills to carry out transformation, evaluate and give advice to steer corporate decision-making towards responsible profits.

Risk in the supply chain ESG reporting som ait program master esg
Risk in the supply chain (ESG reporting)

Introduction to risk management. Issues and risks connected with the outsourcing of products and services

ESG along the whole value chain
  1. International labor standards and unacceptable forms of labor.
  2. Engaging with current issues, such as women workers, consumer groups, and Public health and safety standards management.
ESG along the whole value chain​ som ait program master esg
Changes in models disruption business continuity and customer retention loyalty​ som ait program master esg
Changes in models, disruption, business continuity, and customer retention/loyalty
  1. Human resource management principles, and recruitment and retention concerning ESG.
  2. Fair employment practices and inter- generational ESG approaches.
  3. Staff engagement and development, and incentives for ESG compliance.
Scenario Planning for ESG
  1. Critically assess scenario planning and why it is being increasingly used throughout the organization.
  2. Examine how ESG leadership can be developed by envisioning what the industry may look like in the future
Scenario Planning for ESG​ som ait program master esg
Climate finance in ESG​ som ait program master esg
Climate finance in ESG
  1. Introduction to ESG Financing.
  2. Financial Risks and Opportunities of Climate Change.

Our Short Course ESG Lecturers

Our lecturers are leading experts, managers and professors in their fields
Dr. Roger Levermore​
Vice-President for Development
Dean of the School of Management
Program Director: Professional Masters EGG
Dr. Reiner Hengstmann
Vice President Additional Materials at ISA
Founder go4more.global
Advisory Council Member GLG
Dr. David Galipeau
Founding Partner SDGx
Director SDGx Near Future Lab
Lecturers, ex-@UN, ex-DotCom
Dr. Entela Benz​
Founder & CEO Intensel
Climate Risk Solutions
Academic , INED

Why Short Course ESG

esg short course som ait vn 1
Global Trend

The business world faces a major transformation. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards are key differentiators.

esg short course som ait vn 4
Job Opportunity

The search is on for ESG professionals with understanding and skills. More and more ESG professionals are needed.

esg short course som ait vn 3
Market Demand

More ESG professionals are needed than are available. 500,000 new ESG jobs are expected this decade.

esg short course som ait vn 2
Become Leader

The short course ESG provides an overview of ESG, prepares professionals for in-demand ESG roles.

Study at Your Own Pace Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand
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Study at: AIT HCM Office, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC

Timeline: 13, 14 April 2024

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