Programs of SOM AIT

Programs of SOM AIT are flexible, with full-time, part-time, face-to-face and via video link, allowing you to choose when you would like to study, including evening and weekend classes. We offer several programs: Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Business Analytics & Digital Transformation (PM BADT), Environmental, Social & Governance Management (PM ESG), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA),

Programs - Master of Business Administration (iEMBA)

Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

The Master of Business Administration (EMBA) was established in 1996, with specialisations in international business and technology. The EMBA has long attracted students who now work in senior positions across many businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations from Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, China, Japan as well as Thailand

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is intended to provide further preparation and skills for working professionals to reenter industry upon graduation. Both educational qualifications and work experience are taken into consideration for admission to the DBA program

Programs - Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)
Programs - Business Analytics & Digital Transformation (BADT)

Professional Master’s in Business Analytics & Digital Transformation (PM BADT)

The Professional Master’s in Business Analytics & Digital Transformation – PMBADT program is designed to give students the skills and knowledge to use business analytics to become a driver for business change and a catalyst for successful digital transformation. This program focuses more on the application and interpretation of business analytics rather than expertise in programming & statistical analysis.

Professional Master’s in Business Risk and Resilience Management (PM BRRM)

The Professional Master’s in RSSM  differentiates itself by focusing primarily on organisational risk although there will be significant focus on financial risk, technological risk and regulatory risk.

Professional Masters in Business Risk Resilience Resilience Management


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