SOM AIT Faculty

SOM AIT Falcuty (The Asian Institute of Technology – School of Management) regularly engages the practice of blending courses taught by international visiting professors, coming from top business schools, with regular full-time faculty.

SOM AIT Faculty - School of management AIT

Program Director

Giảng viên som ait - Faculty som ait - dr roger levermore school of management som AIT


Associate Professor of Management Practice

Giảng viên som ait - Faculty som ait - Dr Yuosre Badir - trường quản lý SOM AIT - Asian institute of technology
Dr. Yuosre Badir

Doctoral Program(Ph.D & DBA)

Associate Professor of Technology and Innovation Management

Dr Vimolwan Yukongdi som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Vimolwan Yukongdi

MBA Program

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Leadership
Giảng viên som ait - Faculty som ait - Dr Sundar Venkatesh school of management som AIT - Viện công nghệ châu á AIT
Dr. Sundar Venkatesh

Professional Master Program

Visiting Faculty of Finance and Accounting

SOM AIT Faculty

SOM Faculty - Prof-Jeffrey-Towson-som-edu-vn-ait-aitvn
Prof. Jeffrey Towson

Visiting Faculty in Digital China, Asia

SOM AIT Faculty - Giảng viên SOM AIT - Dr-Lakeesha-K-Ransom
Dr. Lakeesha K. Ransom

Adjunct Faculty in Strategy, Entrepreneurship

SOM AIT Faculty - Dr-Gerard-Tocquer-som-edu-vn-ait-aitvn - Giảng viên SOM AIT
Dr. Gerard Tocquer

Adjunct Faculty in Service Marketing, Strategic Brand Management

SOM AIT Faculty - Dr-Prashant-Kumar-som-edu-vn-ait-aitvn Giảng viên SOM AIT
Dr. Prashant Kumar

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Green Marketing, Indutry 4.0

Dr Christopher Garnier som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Christopher Garnier

Affiliate Faculty in Leadership and Equity

Dr Vatcharapol Sukhotu som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Vatcharapol Sukhotu

Adjunct Faculty in Operation Management, Supply Chain Management

SOM AIT Faculty - Dr-Willi-Zimmermann-som-edu-vn-ait-aitvn Giảng viên SOM AIT
Dr. Willi Zimmermann

Adjunct Faculty in Communication for Business Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

Dr Alan ONeill som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Alan O'Neill

Adjunct Faculty in Organizational research, change management design and implementation

Dr Supasith Chonglerttham som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Supasith Chonglerttham

Adjunct Faculty in Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, International Finance, Derivatives

SOM Faculty - Dr-Kritsadarat-Wattanasuwan-som-edu-vn-ait-aitvn
Dr. Kritsadarat Wattanasuwan

Visiting Faculty in Marketing, Consumer Behavior

Dr Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat

Adjunct Faculty in Technology policy and Management

Dr Alicia Garcia Herrero som edu vn ait aitvn
Dr. Alicia Garcia-Herrero

Adjunct Faculty in Managerial Economy

Dr Prashant Kumar som edu vn ait aitvn 1
Mr. Thomas R.M. Bain

Visiting Faculty in Finance, Capital Market

Mr Vincenzo Carrieri som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Vincenzo Carrieri

Adjunct Faculty in Digital Marketing, Consumer Marketing

Mr Ville Kulmala som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Ville Kulmala

Adjunct Faculty in Global Data Management

Ms Paige Dobkin som edu vn ait aitvn
Ms. Paige Dobkin

Visiting Faculty in Personal Development

Mr Chris Lobello som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Chris Lobello

Adjunct Faculty in Quantitative Finance, Behavioral Finance, Equity Research

Mr Kevin Pereira som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Kevin Pereira

Adjunct Faculty in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Strategy, Investments

Mr Benjamin Quinlan som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Benjamin Quinlan

Adjunct Faculty in FinTech, Big Data Analytics, and Storytelling Through Data

Ms Stacey Hung som edu vn ait aitvn
Ms. Stacey Hung

Adjunct Faculty in Change Management, Agile thinking for Digital Transformation

Affiliate Faculty in Executive Management

Mr Larry Franklin som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Larry Franklin

Visiting Faculty in Investments, Venture Capital, Investment Banking

Mr Andrew Macintosh som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Andrew Macintosh

Adjunct Faculty in Economics, M&A and Investment Management

Mr Lance Tanaka som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Lance Tanaka

Adjunct Faculty in Executive Management

Mr Neil Doncaster som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Neil Doncaster

Adjunct faculty in crisis management and pressurized decision-making

Mr Tim Edmunds som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Tim Edmunds

Adjunct Faculty in Lean Transformation, Leading transformational change, Problem Solving

Mr Duke Malan som edu vn ait aitvn
Mr. Duke Malan

Adjunct Faculty in Venture Capital, Asia-Africa Commerce, Creator Economy and strategic marketing communications


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