10 Good Reasons for Choosing PMBADT
Professional Master's in Business Analytics & Digital Transformation
  1. Sharpen your Strategic Thinking PMBADT is designed as a program that will enhance  your knowledge of emerging trends in the data and analytics  domain and   how   to   respond strategically  to these trends. You will find yourself wearing   a   business   leader’s   hat   while learning with faculty who will challenge and sharpen your strategic thinking.
  2. Earn a degree that is recognized in the government, public and private sector across countries PMBADT is a degree awarded by the Asian Institute  of   Technology   (AIT),   an international  institute  of   higher   learning.   Your   degree   is   recognized   for   government,   public, and private sector appointments in most countries in the region.
  3. Earn a degree while continuing in your job PMBADT is designed and delivered to suit your needs as working   executives  in   the   analytics  and   transformation  domain   in   the   region.   Classes will be on weekends and weekday evenings using a combination of different modes of delivery.
  4. Earn a master’s degree in one year PMBADT is designed to leverage your experience.  The contents focus on what is important for practicing  managers in   the   domain.   This   allows   the exclusion of many introductory courses and optimizes your time to earn a master’s degree.
  5. Immerse in a curriculum that is contextually relevant PMBADT program’s contents combine universally   accepted   frameworks   with   business   realities   of   the   regional    context.    Case    studies and illustrations will be from regional markets which will ensure relevance in your learning.
  6. Learn in an international environment PMBADT offers you an opportunity to study in an international  environment  with your peers from the region and develop   strong   professional networks.
  7. Learn in the company of high potential peers PMBADT’s selection  process  is  designed  to ensure that you learn in the company of high performing  and high potential   peers   in   the domain.
  8. Benefit from a practice-oriented program PMBADT will offer you an opportunity to learn with academics and practicing  managers,  including   serving  business  leaders  in  digital transformation.
  9. Build valuable professional  networks PMBADT will provide opportunities  to interact with domain leaders through the Distinguished  speakers series and connect   with   AIT’s   large   and influential alumni network.
  10. Build enduring personal and professional capabilities PMBADT is designed to enhance both your   personal   and   professional   development   through   leadership    style    assessment    and mentoring opportunities with senior domain professionals.
Local Coordinator for iEMBA & DBA Program
Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam
6th Floor, FCC Building, 45 Dinh Tien Hoang, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC
Tel: 08 3910 7423 (ext. 111)
Mobile: 098 360 4487
Email:  yendt@aitcv.ac.vn
Website : www.som.edu.vn

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